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Davenport SDA Church Website

4444  West Kimberly Road
Davenport, Iowa


When you walk inside our church, you will feel the love and warmth that seems to float inside like a soft blanket. Yes, it is warm inside our church and it is not only because it is summer.  It is warm because the  love of Jesus is flowing from heart to heart. The welcomers are there not just to do a job but because they really welcome you.  We want you to know that you are not only welcome for Sabbath School which is from 9:45-10:45 on Sabbath Morning but you are welcome between the services.  We want to know about you not because we are nosey but because we want to know our brothers and sisters in Christ.  
If you haven't made a decision as to what kind of church you want to belong to we will still make you feel welcome.  God has his people in every church.  It just seems that the more we study the more we seem to bump into each other at the SDA Church.  Pastor Eddie Cabrera and the entire Davenport Family is looking forward to welcoming you to our Church family.  Please come and visit.  The Sacred Service can be done by either Pastor Eddie or one of the Elders.  We have some really good speakers and wonderful music to help you celebrate your Sabbath.  

Be sure and check out the "Pastor's Page".  Pastor Cabrera has lots of good ideas to help us apply the Word of God to our lives and to learn the best way to talk to God.  We love our church and we love our fellowship.  Come and join us.  

                                  God Bless You


One of the best methods we, as Christians, have to help people feel welcome and know that we are truly happy to see them is to SMILE.
Not just the lips, but your whole face helps to welcome those who are seeking Christ.  Let your eyes reflect the love of Jesus and your hands reach out to touch the newcomer.  Remember, Jesus loved the little children.  We have such a wonderful group who come here to worship God, let others know that we are here to share and help.  God bless.

Betty's Birthday Bash

Here are a just a small group of the Wonderful people who came out to Celebrate Betty's 90th Birthday party.  There are many more photos but there are people who do not want to be on a web site.