Baptism and New Members



Robert's baptism 2/26/2022








Tabitha was baptized this May 2021





Gabriel Richter.  Today he is 13 years old and giving his heart to God.  Here are some photos of this special time in his life.








Years ago Paul worked in construction with Ed Nichols, a Seventh day Adventist.  Ed shared the Sabbath with him, but Paul didn't think much of it at the time.  Last year the Nichol's moved to Milan, IL right across the street from a good friend of Paul's.  When Paul saw Ed while visiting his friend, he came over and told Ed he was right about the Sabbath.  Ed saw an opportunity to invite Paul to a small group study in their home.  Paul was drawn in by the Spirit and soon became a regular attendee of the Bible study group.  Ed then introduced Paul to Pastor Cabrera when he expressed an interest in baptism.  Pastor  began a series of studies with Paul and he was baptized on Sabbath March 14.  This was the last Sabbath before the churches closed down because of COVID-19.  Paul is actively witnessing to others and is involved with Last Chance AA in Moline, IL.  We are so thrilled to have Paul as a member of our congregation.



February 10 Emma Tanner was baptized.  She received Bible Studies from Jeremy (far left) and Emma came to the Quad Cities area where she made a connection with our Davenport Church.    Pastor Eddie Cabrera and several others ministered to Emma in various ways and prepared  her for baptism.  We are happy that Emma is with us and walking with the Lord Jesus!



September 23,2017

Marcelino and Brandi Diaz are committing their lives to the Lord in baptism.  Please welcome them and help them to know that you are their family.  God Bless!




Here is Pastor Eddie with Marcelino and his wife Brandi Diaz.  Pray for them constantly!


August 26, 2017

Welcome to Linda Gannett.  Linda has now joined the Body of Christ through Baptism.  She and all the wonderful people who want to be part of our church community are welcomed and supported in many ways .  Linda and Bob (below)  should be greeted every Sabbath with a welcome and a smile.  Don't forget to call them throughout the week just to chat and to make sure that all is well with them.


We are proud to welcome Bob Shounick into our church family.  He was baptized into the Seventh day Adventist Church on Sabbath July 8, 2017.  God bless our Brother.


  As of March 9.2019 John Hawkins was a baptized new member of the Davenport SDA Church.  A big welcome to John.