Davenport SDA Sabbath School


Need Sabbath School materials for yourself, your children or grandchildren for the new quarter?  We have a good supply at the church.  Please give Mandy Furne a call to arrange a day and time for curb-side pck up or to have it mailed.


The kids program for Easter was short but sweet.  Jesus is approached by all manner of people who need what the Lord has granted us through Him with more joy to replenish His soul.    Thank you to the lower divisions for a great message and We hope both the Sabbath School kids and the Adults in the Sanctuary  had a good time.

We meet the neatest kids in Sabbath School......More to come.




Here on the left is John Brus.  He is another of the adult Sabbath School Teachers who enlarge the thoughts brought out in the Sabbath School lesson.  Besides John is Renee (below) and Dennis Malik and Palmer Byrd.  More about them to come.










Right is Dr. Fernando.  He and Renee switch off and teach alternate weeks.  He is a wonderful teacher and is full of great ideas of what the Bible is telling us in these end times.






Palmer Byrd (below) is also one of the Adult SS Teachers.  He switches off with John Brus. You will get a new slant on the stories as they are portrayed in the lesson when Palmer teaches.  He wears many hats.  Below you see him as he was when he taught Vacation Bible School.








This is Renee Wilson. below She is Teaching one of the Adult Sabbath School Classes that meet in the Sanctuary.  When you choose her class you can be certain that there will be lively discussion and the focus, as always will be on Jesus.  Look for Renee's smile as you come through the door.  You are always welcome.