Prayer and Praise


Please Pray for:

Our church family and bring them back to church soon! I know that covid is all around us and we are being cautious, but we need each other. Remember we are the end time church and Jesus is coming soon.  We will soon be facing much worse than covid.  Please call one another and share your life with others.  This will make each of us stronger.

Louise Zumwalt has asked for prayer for herself and her son in law, Eric who has covid. She has a cold she just cannot shake.

Shari Hammond, daughter of Ray  and Goldie Orr Requested that we pray for her as she is fighting  Liver and Lung cancer

Pray for Karen Roebuck's family as they are watching their uncle go into his last hours.

Pray for Eva, Trish and Phyllis and the rest of the Shy family as they say goodbye to Larry.   He is greatly loved and remembered as the most gentle of people.

Vicki Nelson came through her procedure on the 23rd fine and is recovering at home.  Praise God!

Be with Helen at the death of her sister Lucy

Be with Len Fernando's Father as he heals from a fall

be with the Wheets family who have covid

Be with Michael Wheets  as he heals from his surgery And thank you, Lord, he is home.

Be with Chris Hampton at the death of his mom

Terry Dumeroff has throat and mouth and lung cancer.  After surgery he will have no face and must be tube fed forever.  Also be with him now as he mourns the death of his wife who passed Jan 6 2021.

Deb Taylor broken shoulder lots of pain. Have not heard from her in quite a while.  Please call if anyone knows anything new about Deb.

Be with Butch Bonds who can hardly breathe.  What an awful condition to be in.

Steve and Vicki's daughter who has a pre cancerous condition and wishes to be healed

Please be with Al Polina who lost his life's partner to the enemy, death.

 Please pray without ceasing.

Pray for Helen Nichols

Vern Milbrants daughter Debbie

Pray for Barny McIntire and help him to get well and be ready to come to church when it is open

John Hawkins and his wife

Shirley Richter as she fights cancer.

Vicki Bowen's son Mike....He has diabetes and it has caused blindness and many side effects.  Pray that he recover and especially that he know Jesus!  Pray for Vicki's daughter who has a horrible condition and needs your care.