Prayer and Praise


Please Pray for:


The members of the Tree of Life Synagogue.  They are grieving and asking "Why"?.  Now is the time when they need a Savior and we know the one they need.  Send them Sympathy cards and Prayers.  God bless!

Dalton Hoffner who is suffering injuries from a motorcycle accident.  He is preparing for an upcoming knee surgery and we all pray that he recovers quickly.

Jay Richter and family.  He lost his father at age 95.  

Palmer Byrd’s big  brother has just passed away.

Don Fey has a diagnosis of stage 3 lung cancer. His diagnosis has just taken a turn for the worse.  He now has infections all over his body and the cancer is everywhere.  He has been told he has from 3-6 months.  Please pray that he knows Jesus.

Ron Nelson had a stroke in his left eye.  He has been diagnosed with COPD and has pain in his eyes.  He had a previous stroke in his right eye.  Please pray for him.

Our sister churches --Calvary and Moline as they seek to lead people to Christ

Keep praying for Cheryl James Heisch. She is having more chemo.   Even though she is in remission her health is always in danger because of her immune system. 

Our newest Church members as they go through the struggle we have all had to face.